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Spare Parts Save Set

Download Name: Spare Parts Save Set  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Spare Parts Guide (included in zip file)

1. First off, make a new game and do the tutorial and get the first action part (given in the tutorial) because there is no save needed for those 2 trophies

2. The first save is in the folder, "1 million credits and Legendary", you can get each level trophy by simply beating the last zone in each level and also collecting a few credits will give you the 1 million trophy and upon completion of last level gives you Legendary Trophy

3. Load up the second save in the folder, "All action parts", and play the level that it is on (vista cliffs zone 2) and a
little into the level u will get the last action part and you do not need to finish this level.

4. load the third save in the folder, "Concept art, all upgrades, 99 ship parts", then go to the computer and buy the last upgrade and concept art for those trophies. Goto (vista cliffs zone 2) final ship part is (Mrs Fusion Recycle Intake) Located At the bottom left corner right at the start. You will get the ship part trophy and platinum without having to finish this level.

Enjoy and Happy Gaming!
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