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Trails of Coldsteel 2[US] Save Set

Download Name: Trails of Coldsteel 2[US] Save Set  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

I can't really remember exactly where I picked this up, it might have been the brute force forums. But since this was one of the last RPGs released on the PS3 no cheats or support really exist for this game.

So I'm posting it here for archival purposes for those who may want to plow through the two games when Cold Steel 3 gets released in America. IIRC this should have all the game wide trophies for all the collectibles. Things like the note Notebook, enemy list, opening all treasure chests.

I have saves of my own with some poorly done cheats on them since this game was next to impossible to hack. The cheats only last one battle but I know for sure i have one with a modded rean who can essentially one shot the special boss that's unique to the second play through if the save on this save set is too difficult. I have not tested all the saves since I got the platinum awhile back, but I know the collectible trophies work.

If the original owner if this save sets comes along they deserve all the credit. This is one annoying game to collect everything in.
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