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Time and Eternity (Various Saves)

Download Name: Time and Eternity (Various Saves)  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Woohoo, an ecchi game where I can be a pervert.XD This game has some annoying trophies to pop, and I'm here to help you nail some of them.=D

Note: The rar file also contains System Data save. Before you overwrite your own System save, I suggest that you test the saves and see if you can pop the trophies. If they don't pop, then use my System save, but ensure you backup your own System save.=)

SaveData001 save - Go to the blue "!" on the map and turn in the quest to get a trophy for clear all Ch2 quests.

SaveData002 save - Go to the blue "!" on the map and turn in the quest to get a trophy for clear all Ch1 quests.

SaveData003 save - Go to the blue "!" on the map and turn in the quest to get a trophy for clear all Ch3 quests.

SaveData004 save - Go to Draquoise's garden and see event there at Heart icon to obtain "Traveloque" trophy.

SaveData005 save - View Towa's heart event and pick bottom option for "Supreme Love" trophy [her Love stat will be 200+], then choose exit. Select Pepper to change into Toki and view her event as well for "Personal Memories" trophy. It's possible you may also score "Ultimate Love" trophy, but I can't confirm.

SaveData006 save - Load up the save and collect two stars on the dungeon map for "Treasure Hunter" trophy.

SaveData007 save - Go to blue "?" on Kamza map, and kill all enemies there. You're lv69, so you'll mop the floor with all enemies. Upon defeating all enemies you'll get "Royal Blood" trophy, as well as trophy for clearing all Ch4 quests.

SaveData010 save - Go to red "!" on map, choose Towa for Supreme ending trophy, and choose Toki for Ultimate ending trophy. Be advised that you have to defeat final boss, which is easy with the setup I prepped for you. When battle starts, hold L2 and press Triangle for Time Freeze. With the enemy stunned, activate Magic Boost skill to raise own magic power, and then Dragon of Insight skill (causes Drake to follow up your magic attacks with element that cause chemistry effects).
With both skills activated, shock the boss with Bolt, and Drake will follow with Ice Breath, inflicting silence on the boss. Proceed with pummeling the boss, but remember to refresh Bolt + Ice Breath combo every so often, because silence does wear off.
At about 50% HP gone boss becomes impervious to damage. When that happens, press Up on left stick to run up to the boss, and press Circle for a special attack. Then press Down on left stick to move back and continue what you've been doing before for an easy win.

SaveData011 save - Clear Game Save, ready for NewGame+. You have about 50000 spending money, many abilities are unlocked, except for three 1500 GP gifts. However, during the course of the game you can accumulate enough GP just by storyline progression.

SaveData19 save - Load up the save, go into the menu, select Gift. You have 8000+ points to use on last three gifts. Doing so will pop three trophies: Godly Blessing, Supreme Blessing and Ultimate Blessing.
Afterwards face the final boss and defeat him to obtain three more trophies: Gallery King, Miraculous Ending, and Winning Record.

Like with first set, load up my System Data after you've tested the save with your own SysData.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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