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The Guided Fate Paradox (Semi-Save Set)

Download Name: The Guided Fate Paradox (Semi-Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

This is my Platinum Save Set for The Guided Fate Paradox, a Disgaea-like game developed by Nippon Ichi Software.
Prequel to the The Awakened Fate Ultimatum.
Save Set is incomplete because game has 2 based on luck (random) trophies - you want to work on them by yourselves.
The most time consuming trophies like EX Advanced/All Items/Holy Artifacts/Divine Skills works perfectly.
At first you need to RESIGN System Data and Saves with your own Profile. Don't forget to remove PARAM.SFO_ORIGINAL files. For testing on dummy accounts i used Bruteforce Save Data and everything worked perfectly. Welcome to The Guided Fate Paradox! trophy will pop up after you watched the opening movie. In my saves Renya (main character) is a nearly invincible + one-hit kill as long as you equip ultimate weapon (but if you run out of EN your HP will be drained).

All Saves in One (BLUS31312)


NPUB31320_USR_00 - [Lesson - 09 ''Dusk Grand Guignol'']

Achieved Divine Equip +99 - Go to the Blacksmith , choose Strengthen and check +99 equipment in Storage

NPUB31320_USR_01 - [Lesson - 01 ''The Open String Intermedio'']


Exceeded 100,000 damage! - Hit any enemy
Exceeded 100 million damage! - Attack from behind with Double Divine Skill. It may take several attempts

NPUB31320_USR_02 - [Lesson - 10 ''World's Last Order'']


Thief - Steal once
To the Martial Arts Dungeon! - Go to the Martial Arts: Intermediate
It only makes you stronger - Unequip everything, enter a dungeon and let Renya die. You can speed up his faint by holding X+O
Kill the toughies - Go to the Circuit 10: Netherworld and defeat one strong guy (purple point on map)

NPUB31320_USR_03 - [Lesson - 02 ''Lord of the Dead'']


Reckless - Set your angel "Fight as you see fit!" and let her/him die once. You want to wait until the Martial Arts Dungeons/Enemy Boost Shop become available if you have trouble with it.
Burst Veteran - Burst 11 more weapons/armor
To a revolution! - Defeat 225 more enemies. You can play at Circuit 2 - zombies respawn all the time

NPUB31320_USR_04 - [Lesson - 10 ''World's Last Order'' Round 2]


Millionaire - Go to the Bank and make a deposit with 1 GP
God likes it rough - Go to the Enemy Boost Shop and increase Enemy Power once
Store regular - Go to the General Store and buy something
I...can't...stop! - Enter a dungeon
Master Thrower - Throw one enemy
Nice flow - Finish any dungeon (you can use Dive 5 times to finish 1-1/1-2 dungeon)
Reached 9,999 Total Level - Finish any dungeon (you can use Dive 5 times to finish 1-1/1-2 dungeon)
Body Modification Newbie - Place/Remove any Holy Icon/Artifact
Holy Icon God - Go to the Cheriel's Divinigram and place last Holy Icon
Obtained all items - Go to the Total Level King and trade Destroyer Gem
Divine Release Observer - Enter a dungeon and use Angel Wings Divine Skill
Defeated Laharl!/Holy Artifact God - Go to the EX-6 and defeat Laharl
Defeated Axel! - Go to the EX-1 and defeat Axel. Use Dive 10 times
Defeated Pirohiko! - Go to the EX-2 and defeat Pirohiko. Use Dive 10 times
Defeated Nisa! - Go to the EX-3 and defeat Nisa. Use Dive 10 times
Defeated Asagi! - Go to the EX-4 and defeat Asagi. Use Dive 10 times
Defeated Valvatorez! - Go to the EX-5 and defeat Valvatorez. Use Dive 10 times
Divine Summon Newbie - Enter a dungeon and use Divine Summon
Hoarder - Go to the Divinigram and place one Holy Artifact
Defeated Raspberyl! - Go to the EX-7 and defeat Raspberyl.
Immediately activate Rakiel's Damaging Zone, get one of the medicine items and throw it to Rakiel once Beryl hits him twice


Important information: You can use only one Suspend Save at a time.

My Recommendation (How to Use):
Copy System Data and Needed Suspend Save to USB
Copy-Paste from USB to PS3
After you obtain trophy related to Suspend Save delete both System Data and Suspend Save
Repeat #2 with another Suspend Save but the same System data (from USB)
Repeat #3 then Repeat #2 etc.

You can skip all the scenes. Also you can get The power to guide fate trophy with one of the Suspend Saves (i don't remember which one)

= Story Dungeons Trophies=

Cleared 1st Wish - Load [1st Wish] Save and beat the Boss
Cleared 3rd Wish - Load [3rd Wish] Save and beat the Boss
New Partner, Please! - Load [New Partner, Please! [5th-6th Wishes] Save and beat the Boss
Cleared 8th Wish - Load [8th Wish] Save and beat the Boss
God's Duty Complete - Load [God's Duty Complete [Final Wish-Battle] Save and beat the Boss

= Martial Arts Dungeons Trophies =

Defeated Buddha! - Load [Buddha [Martial Arts Beginner Boss] Save and beat Buddha
Defeated Hades! - Load [Hades [Martial Arts Intermediate Boss] Save and beat Hades
Defeated Zeus! - Load [Zeus [Martial Arts Advanced Boss] Save and beat Zeus
Defeated Prince Yamato! - Load [Prince Yamato [Martial Arts EX Advanced Boss] Save and beat Prince Yamato


Trophies based on luck (random):

It's different - Obtained when you find an Irregular Floor the first time (random)
Gold Crab - Obtained when you defeat a gold crab (random)
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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