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Tales of Graces F (Platinum Save + Modded Save)

Download Name: Tales of Graces F (Platinum Save + Modded Save)  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Bonuses purchased from Grade shop:
-Inherit titles - Inherit Skills
-Inherit Eleth mixer - Inherit Gald
-Inherit Stamps - Inherit Arte Usage
-Inherit Books - Inherit Battle Items
-Inherit shards - Inherit Herb Bonuses
-Double Experience - 5x Experience (10x XP stacked)
-Double SP
-Mastery Bonus - Double Item Drops
-Dualize Discount - Upgrade Eleth Mixer
-Expand Inventory - Maximum Speed
-Chain Capacity+1 - Chain Capacity+2 (+3 Stacked)
-Double Critical - 2x Damage - 5x Damage (this is only enabled on Save 1, and makes 60 second boss fight trophies a cakewalk. However, the damage applies to both you and the enemy, so if you don't like the high risk high reward gameplay, use Save 2, which is the exact same as Save 1 besides this grade shop bonus)
-Double Gald - Unlock Qualities
-Maximum Eleth+500
-Maximum HP+1000 - Inherit Carta Cards

Additional modded bonuses:
-Chaos mode unlocked
-Max money
-Max Eleth Mixer energy and slots
-All characters have all titles mastered
-All characters have all arts with maximum usage
-All items capacity at 99
-All consumables, all food, all materials, all cashables, all ingredients, all unique equipments, all weapons, all armors. (Note: you can't equip the +9999 version of a gear unless if you have a regular version through shop purchase/chest/dualization)
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