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The Unfinished Swan (Semi-Save Set)

Download Name: The Unfinished Swan (Semi-Save Set)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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For starters load up Chapter 1: The Statue Garden. Play through the level until you pass a pond. Then shortly afterwards you will get to a statue with a gold crown. Then after jumping down to the next area, you will see animals and with gold accents. You will reach two staircases. You can see the last balloon here. Use the right staircase to shoot it and earn Balloonist.

Then keep traveling up the stairs until you see a big "T". Shoot it to unlock the last page left and netting you the Page Turner trophy.

Now to that you have the Sniper Rifle, exit out the game and go to Chapter 3: Home. Create a small box in front of the blue mats. Pick it up and aim directly upwards. Press Triangle to enter the scope view. Then press Square and quickly shoot it. If done correctly you will unlock Rocketeer and Spaceman.

Go to Chapter 2: The Seawall. At the start of the stage turn right and go all the way up the stairs to the telescope. Press Square to look in it. Move the analog sticks all the way up to see the king sleeping in his chair in front of a fireplace. This will get you the Telestopic trophy.

The rest of the story trophies can be earned by yourself.
Beat Chapter 1: The First Castle to unlock Painter.
Beat Chapter 2: The Belltower to unlock Climber.
Beat Chapter 3: The King's Monument to unlock Night Owl.
Beat Chapter 4: The End to unlock Dreamer.
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