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[JP] Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition Game Save

Download Name: [JP] Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition Game Save  

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It is possible for almost a year, bruteforce made an update a year ago. after that it was possible. if u decrypt the jp saves u can open it in willowtree and edit them as normal. after edit u have to encrypt it again. just test it

; "Borderlands"

just put this in ur games.conf . and yes modded weapons can be used, also shields etc.

Each save has max cash, max skill points, 99 bank storage space, 99 backpack space (except for the Fully Upgraded save) and playthrough 2 is unlocked... Each save has a modded shield with over 2 billion capacity and 4 modded guns that deal over 1 million damage... Modded every weapon and item to to the characters current level.

For the co-op trophies just load up the Completionist save and then go into split screen and complete 1 mission...Then do the requirements for the other co-op trophies...For the Sneaky Little Buggers DLC trophy load up the Completionist save and go kill 1 loot midget...You can obtain all misc. trophies with the Completionist save as well.

Each save has a Text file included with it for further instructions on what to do... You can also pop some other miscellaneous trophies such as "Face Melter", "Sneaky Little Boogers" etc...Each save has an elemental artifact for you to use to so that you can pop the "You call this archaeology?" trophy..

When using the Moxxi's DLC Small Arenas save the "Completionist" trophy will auto pop when you turn in the mission and lots of other trophies will auto-pop when using the "Completionist" save so keep that in mind...The trophies are...

-Get A Little Blood on the Tires
-Pandora-dog Millionaire
-12 Days of Pandora
-Master Exploder
-1.21 Gigawatts
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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