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Blitz The League 2 Game Save #1

Download Name: Blitz The League 2 Game Save #1  

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Submitted By: maDz

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Item description:

Hall of Fame
Just load New York Bigs campaign.

Anatomy Lesson
There are 3 injuries left to do in this save so I recommend you to go to "Bone Breaker" mode and do the injuries, I recommend you doing those here because it's easier to do injuries on this mode and those 3 injurys are the hardest ones. If I remember right what I did on these 3 was pick my QB and with full UNLEASHED then use UNLEASHED and pass through a defender by doing a trick with the right analog stick.

The injuries left are:

Torn MCL (dislocate knee)
Torn ACL (dislocate knee)
Ruptured Achilles (cutting a nerve of the foot)

Do one injury (Bone Breaker bonus mode makes it easier).

House Rules
Win a bonus game (since you need 3 injurys I suggest Bone Breaker).

Load Anaheim Dices Campaign and do one touchdown celebration (Ex: O, O, Square, X).

Main Man
Load Anaheim Dices Campaign and do one game to get the trophy.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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