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Wall-E - 1k Save Set

Download Name: Wall-E - 1k Save Set  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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The Cockroach - Just start a new game it will pop

1. Power to the city + Special object, part 1 + total perseverance part 1 - Load the save go upto the switch thing infront of you
and turn the first tumbler to number 3 (press X twice) it will be red and the others are green go down and make blue cube and charge
up the pylon go to the end and jump in blue shoot that has just been unlocked here you can get the special object that is behind you
inside a spinning tube (T-Rex) then jump back in the shoot and complete the LVL
Now quit back and goto lvl select and choose the 1st lvl and play untill you get to the part were you get some gogles off the dead
Wall E then jump in the shoot and then you will be in the secret LVL then just go into the other shoot and complete the lvl

2. Junk buster + Boosters Activity + Special object Part 2 - Load the save and goto the Blue Icon complete it by blowing up 10 cars
Then goto the other Blue icon and just go through the midle of the ship and stop on the pad now a new challenge is unlocked
boost around the 9 rings - Then fly up into the Sky and you will see a big Ball on top of a chimney blow it off (press X) and it will
uncover a pig Collect it (there are two of them its on the tallest chimney)

3. Total perseverance part 2 + Tunnel Time trials part 1+ - load the save and finish the lvl (you are near the end)

4. Special object part 3 - load the save go straight ahead and around the corner there should be a woody from to story doll collect it

5. Short Storks + Total perseverance part 3 - load the save go forward watch the cutscene thet keep bashing the red signs on the
containers (jump into them) until both sides of the big ass thing is destroyed then shoot the lightbulb in the middle then in the next
bit just head for the space ship

6. Knocking over humans - you have to knock over 25 fattys that are in there chairs knock over 2 or 3 (jump on them twice)
then just go back to the solar regenerater thing and get you health back then just repeat untill you have the Achievement - I
did try to save with 1 human left but i dosent work you must do it all in one go

7. Special object part 4 + M-O is easily distracted + total perseverance 4 + Crushing part 3 - turn around and goto your left you
will see a wire with an pulse going around it make 3 glowing cubes as the pulse is going around it throw the cubes at the squares
they are timed so wait untill it gets close then go back were you started and go to the right side and destroy the shields and the
lasers and charge up the pylons, on the end platform there will be a little robot drop a cube for it and the ach will pop then just keep
creating blue cubes you will get this while destroying the shields and the lasers but if you dont stay in the lvl and keep doing it untill
it pops - then finish the lvl with out dying (if you somehow manage to fall of the edge just put a fresh copy of the save back on your

8. Special Object part 5 - trun around go through the door and look to your left there should be able to see a cockroach idol jump
onto the air pad thing then collect it

9. Power to the Axiom - go ahead into the tumbler room and the back 3rd tumbler is red press X and y twice to turn them both
to 3 make your way down the lift and through the lvl press and Hold A to jump on to the yellow force fields and they will take you
to the next part (its on the side of some crates next to a purple death trap thing) then there will be some robots they come in waves
so kill them all (dont get to near them and stay back and just keep tapping X and it will shoot at them automatically) then go up the
yellow magnet and turn right and go around kill the turrets and then you need to kill all the robots in the next bit and a path will
open go around kill the green robot Ach should pop

10. The spoils of steward - on the save there is well over 100 robots killed already but i think it is some how saved to your profile
so load the save go through the door and just keep killing the robots as they spawn untill you get the Ach just get close to there
spwn point and just keep tapping X or RT and watch TV or sumthing

11. Total peseverance part 5 + Special object 6 + Wall-E away activity - load the save go straight forward Ach should pop - watch the
cutscenes and now you should be in the next lvl as EVE wait a few seconds then a Chase will start but before you head off straight in
front of you should be a big ass satelite on the end should be a glowing light bulb collect it - now just follow Wall-E and you will get
the Ach as you enter the space ship you can just quit no need to finish the tunnel.

12. Ring Race Activity + taking out trash Activity - load the save wait a few seconds then just fly through the rings then when you
have finished that another activity will automatically start just beat that aswell

13. tunnel time trials part 2 + total perseverance part 6 - load it up and just keep flying straight on and through the door keep going
and you will reach the end of the tunnel Ach should pop - now you need to destroy the robots on the ledges and pylons will come out
go to them and press Y to charge them up do this on every level (only 3) then when you have dont that you need to shoot the red
Symbols that are in the big spinning arms in the middle do this to all 3 of the lvls and a door will open fly through it + try not to be
in the direct path of the spinning arms or you may get stuck and die and if youdo just put a fresh copy back on

14. Special object 7 + total preservance part 7 - load the save and roll down to the bottom part you need to get to the end and must try
not to step on the purple the special object is at the end collect it then roll of the side if you die put a fresh save back on

15. Special object part 8 - load the save kill the robots jump to the next bit (stork jump press Y) then creat a cube and charge the
pylon and clear the robots then jump to the moving platform then wait for the other one to come along then jump to that one you
will see on the right a high platform with a glowing ball jump to it and collect it

16. Total perseverance + panicking protection + Super quick scanner + i am the best + special object+ making of the game - you need
to get to the end without getting killed or hit by a human its not to hard as its the same pattern, for the end bit you need to jump just
before the red floor switches - when the next lvl starts go around scanning the parts and as your doing so go through the middle tunnel
that is in the wall and grab the alien toy then scan the rest of the parts and complete the lvl and watch the credits.

17. Crushing part 1 and 2 - load the save select replay unlocked lvl and select lvl 1 when the lvl starts get to the part were there is a
pile of bronze bits and make 5 cubes then go around the corner untill you get to the part with the heavy cube and then make 14 more

18. 500 cubes + scan racer activity - load up the save and goto lvl select and choose captains orders at the start there is a cube
despenser just needs about 12 more cubes - now load the lvl called Directive and go up and to the right and goto the blue
symbol scan the 10 items for the Ach - [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] here is a vid if you
are stuck.

You should have 850Gs after all that

Now open up the Wall E collectibles folder for the rest of the Ach
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