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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 - Save Set

Download Name: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 - Save Set  

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Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2010

When using the saves, it is advised to use them offline, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SAVE 1, as some achievements that pop at the same time should not. To make it look clean on your card, complete come achievements online in between using the saves offline.

1 - Load the save and complete one hole for the achievement to unlock. Safe to use online.

2 - Load the save and go to continue my career
Go to PGA Tour Season
Then event calendar
Select the last FED-EX cup match. Should automatically be on the right match
Finish the round 18 holes for the achievement

After you first hole you will unlock Migration 35G and Birds Of Prey 35G. These will all unlock together but in the right order. At the end of the round you will also unlock Maximum Power 25G. The Well Seasoned achievement will not unlock right away after the 18 holes. You need to go pass all the trophies and record, then let it save. It will then say something like you have finished this years events, if you proceed to the next year your last year will be locked. Select yes then achievement will unlock.

***NOTE***At this point you have a choice to make. You can use save 3 offline, then get some online achievbements and proceed to use save 4. The alternative is only using save 4, as it unlocks everything that save 3 unlocks, and it only requires you to do one of the two hard challenges.***NOTE***

3 - Complete the first bonus challenge Challenge the World should unlock. Eagle Eye will unlock after one hole. *NOTE* This challenge will be extremely difficult for beginning players.

4 - Bust a 400 yard drive for Play with the Big Boys (Turn on Gale Winds and play at East Lake CC). Equip the CEC Mining Suit and play 18 holes for the No Known Survivors achievement. Beat the first bonus challenge for Levinator25. The only known way to beat this challenge is to perform ritualistic sacrafices daily and hope for your shot to go in the hole. On a more serious note, going to the 'in the bag' options in the main menus and choosing all of the wedges helps. Then, perform a flop shot with the AW and use spin to your advantage.

Thanks goes to Ben, tazmad and TrojanMan for the saves.
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