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Risen - Mini Save Set

Download Name: Risen - Mini Save Set  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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A Few Saves I made on my way to 1000, not complete but could be helpful.
Please give Thanks to Jappi for editor & Menov for the saves.

Order Quests

1.Peace Keeper(30) +
1.5 King of the Handymen(20) - 1.Talk to the person in front of you. 2.With this save you also you have 18 tool bags in inventory only two more to get, after you escort patty and the triplets out of secret passage way, on your way to the Monastery, as you make your way up the hill from Harbour Town,look up and you will see a bridge , make your way up & around to it to cross.On the other side is some Gnomes kill & Loot them and get #19 tool bag, continue past the Gnomes you just killed and up the hill is another set of Gnomes kill & Loot them for 20th tool bag in your inventory.

2.Defender(20) - Talk to the person in front of you.

3.The Traveler(20) - Kill the Lizard man in front of you and loot him.

4.Showdown(50) - Kill the Inquisitor

5.Titan Lord(50) - Kill the Fire titan

Bandit Quests

1.Fence(30) - Talk to the Don in front of you.

2.Freedom Fighter(20) - Talk to Carlos in front of you.


Order or Bandit - All quests are done in Harbour Town but not turned in, Turn in to The Dons Men, or to the Order.
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