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Lego: Batman - Save Set

Download Name: Lego: Batman - Save Set  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

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Wayne Manor
first break all the stones in the yard at wayne manor. Then flowers will grow where they were. Destroy all the flowers... you will get one blue piece.

Then go to the far left and destroy all the stuff up there. You will use this to build a computer. Use the TECH ROBIN to activate the computer, then hop in the chair. You will go into a side scroller game. I used IVY for jumping high and the JOKER for shooting off color black and white bricks. Make sure you hit every thing that can break and get every blue stud. You'll need them all.

When you exit this game, you are on the roof of Wayne Manor to play another game. This one you have to push little balls into red fans on the ground. Every time you blow one up, you get a blue stud. There are ton of them. I did most of them just pushing the balls with my character, but you can use the hover boat and drag the ball as well if you prefer.

If you've hit every brick, mowed the lawn and hit every red fan, you should and will have 1,000,000 studs.

Arkham Asylum

When you start, smash the thing you can smash, use IVY to jump up the wall and slide down the rope to grab all the blue studs. Go to the soccer field and kick a few goals with the big ball... the rotating paddle moves to goal, just keep adjusting it and keep kicking goals... I did it 4 times then got bored and moved on down the hallway.

In here, just collect everything. I sped around on the bike for a while blasting things. (OH you may want to have INVINCIBILITY on as these guys are unrelenting in hitting you.) Pick up as many studs as you can. Use the VENUS PLANT to blow up anything that's shiny (or DESTRUCTION BATMAN) and pick up those. I started vacuuming up parts with ROBIN to put in the machine in the top right corner, but finished gathering studs before I could see what it did. Anyway, just run around and you'll hit 1,000,000 no problem.
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