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Dead Island SamB/Purna/Xian and Logan Saves

Download Name: Dead Island SamB/Purna/Xian and Logan Saves  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Here goes a Dead Island saves with SamB/Purna/Xian and Logan, i don't really know how to update the game without Xbox live so yea i set the character at level 50
What's inside this save:
- Ready for New game+ with Logan
- 3 samples of Legendary Weapons in your inventory, and 1 chainsaw at Jin (900000000 Ammos for guns type, and Durability max for Melee), Large Heal Pack 90000000, Crafting items x9999
- All Mods Blueprints, ID cards, News(Herald Banoi), Tapes
- Super Strong Character, Longer Stamina, Health (Throw a Hammer on a Zombie, you will send them off flying soooooooo far away, Longer Electric shock, burning, poisoning, bleeding effects), I put a McCalls gun with StickyBomb, try to shoot Zombies with it you will send them off flying. All weapons you get will have a lot of Bonus of Damage and Stun, equaly to the level of the weapon you just pick.
- All maps revealed (except Prison/Jail, and the Roof of course)
- Inventory slots 140
- For instant Rage with Logan you need to use the specific weapon of his speciality, if you use throwing knife, you will see your Fury will fill up instantly.
- Repair and shops will cost you 0$ or almost(sumtimes it does even give you money when you buy an Item :P, yea the NPC pays you for buying his weapons Lol'd)
- You are immortal, well this is because i boosted up the skill that reduce damage taken, but if you like to loose a bit feel free to ask.

I can also Add weapons like Afrans side arms, M60 M72, Stun Gun, Sawn Off shotgun, Pump Action, M1 Garand, Ryders Rifle and more, but those can actually freeze the Loading screens, maybe it's because that i didnt update my game, Afrans sidearm seems to work aswell forthe Ryder's rifle.

+++ UPDATED+++

Added Sam B Save_0(New game+), Purna Save_1(New Game+) and Xian Save_2(New Game+, At the chapter where you need to collect Foods from the 2 Stations)

Dont forget to rehars/Resign the save and Enjoy
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