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Lego Indiana Jone - 1k - Save Set

Download Name: Lego Indiana Jone - 1k - Save Set  

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Lego Indiana Jones - Legit Saves

Save 1 (78%) -

I suggest turning on invincibility (Extras Menu) to stop the enemies from being an annoying pain

Not Unlocked Yet:
That Belongs in a Museum - Beat Young Indy Level
Start the Engines, Jock - 50 repairs
We Go for a Ride - 250 whip swings
Trouble with Her is the Noise - 50 glass breaks
How We Say Goodbye in Germany - Access 50 enemy areas

- good deal done towards each of those...

1 - Go to Pursuing the Ark (Chapter 5 in Raiders):

Last Artifact:

On the far side of where you start there is a mine cart. Shove the mine cart at the site's far right side into the wall, then stack the jiggling bits that remain to form a tiny door in the wall. Toggle to a tiny character and crawl through the door to reach a high ledge where the artifact piece is found.

Last Parcel:

Where you begin there is a crane directly in front of you. Use Indy underneath the ladder and use his whip to bring the ladder down. Climb the ladder to get Box 1 and place it beneath the crane (blue arrow). Box 2 is a little off to the side of the crane, out in the open. Grab it and bring it back where you deposited Box 1. Have a character the get in the crane (Y) and move the crane to the big canister. Pick up the canister (B) and deposit it on the orange platform on the right (important later). Then use the crane to pick up your partner and put them on the platform to on the far left. Swap to that character and run in to get the parcel. Drop down to the front of the crane. Drop the parcel and switch to a character that has grenades or a bazooka and blast open the fence underneath the wooden walkways to reveal a switch. Flip the switch and be ready. A timer starts which raises a set of stairs and lowers the upper gate which blocks the mailbox. Pick up the parcel and use the stairs (jump (A)) to get to the upper walkway. Place the parcel in the mailbox. If the timer stops, rethrow the switch and repeat.

Before you finish, you may want to walk to the far side where there is a broken machine and a platform. Swap to the engineer and repair - the platform will rise 2x then the machine will break again, repeat the repair. May have to do this a few times to pop the engineer achiev (not tested).

Once you have both those, quit out and you should pop:
This...this is history - find all artifacts
Your mail is on your desk - send all parcels

Save 2 (98%) -

In the college, go to the mail room and purchase regenerate hearts, you will pop the 100% cheats achiev.
Then go to the library and purchase Han Solo, then you should pop all characters.
Finally go upstairs into the museum and go to the farthest hole and drop in - complete the warehouse and you should pop 100% completion Best advice is to use Han and go all the way right until you see a bullseye - keep shooting it (X) until you get 1 million.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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