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Cars Mater National 1k Save Set

Download Name: Cars Mater National 1k Save Set  

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Submitted By: Sean

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1. Go to the white icon on the map for Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble and complete #7.
After that go to the white Star and finish 3rd or better for the achievement.

2. There should be another white star around where you're located at. Beat that to get the Rust Bust.

3. I kinda fucked up on this one and didnt know achievements where going to pop up.
1st do all white stars in Ornament valley and do RS and do White Star than go to Tailfin Pass for achievement.
2nd in the Radiator Springs map go behind the firestation and get the big tire. Which the fire station has
has a car statue in front of it at the end of the strip of buildings.
Than drive north or south on the road and there is a off road path that has the spring in the middle of road.
It is essentially farther behind Fire Station just can't reach it unless you go up and around.
3rd Do the white circle for monster mater. Its right next to his junk yard
4th Use both Radiator Springs and Tailfin Pass links below to get all 5 remaining cans.
5th Complete the 4 last road races to get achievement for completing all(White Stars in Tailfin Pass)

4. Then go to R.S. and do the race on the East of the map Stadium Race #4.
Also do the 3 white dots in Tailfin Pass should be #9 event for 2 of them and do Way Point Race #3.

5. Pick up the purple tire in the south east corner of Ornament Valley.
After that go back to R.S. and do the last events in the white dots.
For the one by the firestation make sure to change the event to the scare mater #7 not the chase events

You're done 1000/1000
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1st do all white stars in Ornament valley and do RS and do White Star than go to Tailfin Pass for achievement.

cant find "taifin pass"in the game