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Scarygirl - Winning and Hoarder

Download Name: Scarygirl - Winning and Hoarder  

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Winning and Hoarder are the two hardest-to-obtain achievements of the game which require respectively to complete every stage with a "Perfection!" score and to purchase all the items in the shop.

This save have all the stages cleared with a "Perfection!" score. To unlock "Winning" simply play any stage and complete it with a "Perfection!" score (level 1-1 or 1-2 for example).

For the achievement "Hoarder", there are 500 Gems available and only a Vinyl (Blister, the first one) to purchase for 500 Gems; simply load a stage with a shop (1-2 or 3-1 for example) and purchase the last item to unlock the achievement.

The other achievements will not pop-up randomly, but in theory you could unlock them in the wrong order if you played, say, stage 7-3 (and unlock an achievement for completing it) and then 5-2 (and unlock an achievement for completing it). So yea avoid playing the last stages first if you haven't unlocked the story-related achievements of the previous stages yet.
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