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Black Knight Sword Save Set

Download Name: Black Knight Sword Save Set  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

here's a save set that will give you 270g fairly easy and another 30g for the hard (explained below) out of the possible 400g
the achievements you can get and how to do them are listed in the instructions, along with the order they go and the estimated times between each achievement.

i have included my save for the hard play through which is at the last mini boss of stage 5 you have to fight just before going to fight the main boss. i kind gave up on it for now, but will return to try again at a later date since even with Idlehands88 save editor this boss fight is extremely annoying since you are riding a giant chicken that has its own health. if anyone is actually able to get past the dam chicken please upload the save so i can include it in the set.

i would also like to give a big thank you out to Idlehands88 for the editor which made it possible for me to make the challenge save as easy as possible for people.

the only 1 that can not be gotten with the save set is beating arcade mode.

saves in the set are for the achievements:
I English Read Good
Let's start here
Three star chef
Sunny side up
One Knight stand
You call that an ending?
The next story is yours
Are you really the hero?
Hard Worker
Like a lion after its prey
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