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Resident Evil 6: Emblems Save (79/80)

Download Name: Resident Evil 6: Emblems Save (79/80)  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

This save has 79/80 emblems found.

Go to campaign and select continue and start the game.

You must be Sherry to get this emblem. Once Jake stops the bike and you’re supposed to shoot the fuel truck
underneath the chopper, first aim to the left. There’s an emblem resting on top of a sign sticking out of the
side of the building. Shoot it and achievement unlocked (SEE PICTURE).

This save will also pop Defeat 500 J'avo's if you kill 1 more so make sure you don't kill any if you haven't
come close in beating the game yet for it to look in legit order.

Also if you haven't got the 3 figures achievement yet go to special features then go to Collections, it will
pop as soon as your in there. Same with the Dog Tags, you will get 10 different titles achievement once you
visit that part along with customize your dog tags.

There might be more you can unlock so feel free to play around with my save but I would advise testing it
offline first to make sure nothing pops out of order or at the same time. I already tested the save on a
new account and it works like a charm.

Also the game has been completed on Amateur difficulty.
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