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Resident Evil 6 Achievement Save

Download Name: Resident Evil 6 Achievement Save  

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These are the achievements you can get with this save and a easy way to get them
Mad Skilllz - 90GS, enter the skill select menu(were you purchase skills)
Rising Up - 30GS, enter the dog tag template select
Titular Achievement - 15GS, enter the dog tag template select
Check Out My Dogs - 15GS, customize your dog tag
Zombie Massacre - 15GS, kill a zombie
Stuntman - 15GS, with the hydra equiped pull LT and RT at the same time to do a quick shot to kill a zombie
J'avo Genocide - 15GS, kill a J'avo
Silent Killer - 15GS, stealth kill the first enemy on ada wong's first chapter was the quickest way i found
Give a Little push - 15, push a enemy off the edge it's easy on Jakes first chapter
B.O.W.s Are Ugly - 30GS, i killed the big enemy on chris's second chapter but you can do ada wong's second chapter
Lifesaver - 15GS, save your partner i did it in split-screen
Covered in Brass - 30GS, get any medal
Green Around the Ears - 15GS, complete any chapter on amatuer
Normal Is Good - 30GS, complete any chapter on amatuer
Back in My Day - 30GS, complete any chapter on amatuer
Leave It to the Pro - 90GS, complete any chapter on amatuer
They make a total of 465GS or more depends how many chapters you complete
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