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Crash of the Titans - 870 GS Save Set

Download Name: Crash of the Titans - 870 GS Save Set  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

10 Gold Idols:
Gold a level, to gold a level you need to destroy all 3 spybots within an episode,
kill the ammount of minions required and get the combo required. Best way for combo is
the spin attack rotate joystick while tapping X until you have reasonably high combo
this way you shouldn't get hit and lose it.

Fully Upgrade Crash Health:
Start level 18 and jack the e-letric creature by holding y next to him and doing an attack
repeat 3 times then hit b to jump on him. once you odne this destroy the mask on the wall until
you upgrade crash health.

Fully Upgrade Crash Abilities:
Same as above this may also work for acrue 9 and 15 lives if i didn't already have achievement.

Save 4:
Complete game on hard
All gold on hard,medium,easy
All mojo rooms
All skins
100% complete
Jack nina spider
complete cortex levels
all hidden idols
Jack 1 of every time of jackable creature
Free kick unlocked

To unlock all these on level 20 ensure you gold it, collect the hidden idol (above the first scorpilla, double jump
by tapping a twice to reach it), finish mojo room. This should unlock all of the above

Brutal Buffet:
Start level 20 and because you completed game by pressing RB you can jack any creature with 1 kick except
nina spider which is two hits jack nina spider 5 times on level 20 with this save and the achievement
ahouls unlock.
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