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Lightning Returns Game save

Download Name: Lightning Returns Game save  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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after over 200h invested in the game this is my save on 2nd play trough because i override the 1st one believed an idiot who sad if you don't kill the last boss the stat bonus doesn't decreases when doing quests again.
some ultimate builds and 90% of accessories upgraded to max and 1.7mil gil
- dark knight= 8.7k str, turns heavy strike(max upgraded) into artemis pirce max dmg to strongest bosses when weakened(no limit )
- anti physical = build gives 100% physical reduction tho dmg is reduced by 90%
- anti magic = same as above (some bosses attacks completely ignore defense and can only be stopped by immortal guard)
- mirage = 73k hp tank with immortal guard even if you miss guard timing you still will survive (also heavy strike with rare ability gives brave curse buff for 5s each time used)
- ultima basically the ultimate wear with spell ultima when you look at it it sound amazing but in practice it's useless shit hope with English release they will fix that
did ultimate dungeon 3 times so from chaos monsters all accessories are upgraded to max
ultimate accessories are maxed 150% atb speed, +30k hp, +10atb cost and 50% dmg,
only thing that was cheated the weapons shield upgrade limit, normally you can upgrade an item 100% in one direction and like 70% in other so it only give an small benefit to remove some annoyance downgrading them upgrading again..only some unique useless equipment cant be replaced rest can be sold and brought clean version and upgrade normally

anyway with this save you can beat anything in game last thing to do waste a couple of hundred hours to get earora and ultimate skills to max becouse of bad design

save starts from beginning chose your difficulty and play, think it will also work on English version because i got the equipment bonus from eng vers saves to my jp vers.
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