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Dead Space 3 Impossible save (before final boss)

Download Name: Dead Space 3 Impossible save (before final boss)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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This save is set in chapter 19, at the last bench, right before you fight the final boss. The foam finger (one hit kill) gun is in the inventory. This is a legitimate "un modded" save that will give you credit for completing the casual, normal, hard, and impossible missions all at once. It is 82.6% complete which leaves some thing yet to be discovered if you want to go back and redo the appropriate chapters. Or just kill the final boss and start your own game with the unlocks. There is ample health and ammunition equipped to kill the boss if you use the foam finger and enough material, parts, circuts, blueprints, etc. to make your own gun if you wish. I recommend giving it the finger, lol, as these final necromorphs will brutalize you. To complete the game 1. Equip the inventory of your choosing. 2. Open the door and fly (without dying) to the final battleground. 3. Stand in the circle and using telekinesis to capture and shoot a blue-floating marker into the aliens eye three separate times without dying. After the third time and you kill the alien, run and climb up to your friend by pressing "A" when prompted or you will die and have to do it all again. Wait through 10 minutes of credits, a surprise ending, and see your reward. Thank you, Enjoy, and please don't forget to like.
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