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diablo 3 every legendary plan + gem plan, craft mats, hf ring, inf

Download Name: diablo 3 every legendary plan + gem plan, craft mats, hf ring, inf mach, soh, gems  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

This save is a compilation of many including my own.

there are multiple heroes, one with an empty inventory to use for dropping stash items for your main profile, one with non tradeable items that you will have to import into your gamesave, and others loaded with legendary and set gear.

On the non trade hero

staff of herding - all plans and parts
hellfire ring - plans and parts
infernal machine - plans, parts and keys
demonic essence
all materials/keys etc are in bulk

In the stash

3 socket cains memory helm
legendary and set items.

bulk items-
health potions,all crafting materials, tomes, pages and gold
gems - all types
radiant star for making marquis
perfect square for crafting amulets

plans - legendary

ashearas uniform
aughilds victory
cains fate
captain crimsons finery
demon hand
demons skin
griswolds masterpiece
guardians contingency
harvest moon
lai yuis taji
long shot
lost boys
quickdraw belt
robes of rydraelm
seven sins
the magi
the wedge
umbral oath
unending war
wall of bone
sages plight
hallowed defender
black bone arrows
blood magic blade
borns defiance
earth shatter
rozpedins staff
helm of command
wondrous deflectors

designs - gems

flawless star - emerald, amethyst, ruby and topaz
marquis - emerald, amethyst, ruby and topaz
perfect star - emerald, amethyst, ruby and topaz
radiant star - amethyst, ruby and topaz

plans - rare

amulet - int, dex, str, vit
archon armor - int, dex, str, vit
archon gauntlets - int, dex, str, vit
archon spaulders - int, dex, str, vit
exalted behemoth
exalted doomcaster
exalted dread shield
exalted fine armplates
exalted fine behemoth
exalted fine conquest sword
exalted fine crag hammer
exalted fine doom caster
exalted fine galraki
exalted fine golden talon
exalted fine impellor
exalted fine massacre axe
exalted fine pallium
exalted fine piercer
exalted fine sagaris
exalted fine slag hammer
exalted fine sovereign greaves, helm, mail, vambraces
exalted fine strike wand
exalted fine unspeakable thing
exalted grand crag hammer
exalted grand doomcaster
exalted grand galraki
exalted grand heaven strand
exalted grand heavy baldric
exalted grand manitou mask
exalted grand oni blade
exalted grand phantom bow
exalted grand piercer
exalted grand runic quiver
exalted grand stalker cape
exalted grand zhezi
exalted mythical staff
exalted pallium
exalted phantom bow
exalted piercer
exalted slag hammer
exalted sovereign helm
exalted strike wand
exalted zhezi
razorspikes - dex, int, str, vit.

below is a tut on transferring the non trade hero to your gamesave using horizon
Im sure most of you guys know this but I will add it anyway

to find the transfer hero on my save, drag the save into horizon and click on contents tab, on the left you will see a heroes tab, click it and select the file that is 1.81KB, right click extract to a folder.

on your save
start a new hero
copy save to usb

back up your save in case you make a mistake.
to do that using horizon find your game save under the games folder on the right, right click it and extract to a folder.

now find the new hero on your save, should be the smallest file size, right click, replace with my hero that you extracted, save rehash and you now have my hero on your save.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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