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Farcry 3 Gamesave, Collectables and others

Download Name: Farcry 3 Gamesave, Collectables and others  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Save 1
Fully Inked - Buy the last skill
Rebel with a cause - Follow "Island Liberator"
Island Liberator - liberate the last outpost if you need "Unheard" do it silently
Dead letters - Get the last letter
Memory to spare - Get the last Memory card, It's at the only non liberated outpost
The good stuff - Get the mats and craft a special syringe
Island Paparazzi - Tag some one at the non liberated outpost
Heartless Pyro - Burn some one to death with the flamethrower at the non liberated outpost
Poker Bully - Get the last $200-300 I just went all in and hoped for the best because I suck at poker

Picking up one of the Relics will give you

Jungle Journal
Archeology 101

Save 2
Use this save only if you need "full bars" for anything else use save 1
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