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Devil May Cry 1 Hd 100% Save (Final)

Download Name: Devil May Cry 1 Hd 100% Save (Final)  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Alright guys, this is my absolute final save for Devil May Cry 1 Hd. Someone brought to my attention that while I did have Super Dante unlocked, it wasn't truly a 100% save because I didn't have all the acheivements unlocked, so this morning I whent ahead and completed every secret mission and maxed my health bar out, giving me the last of the acheivements. But I had someone complain that the enemy files achievement wouldn't unlock for them, but mine unlocked some time ago. If you guys come across the problem, I'm sorry, it should unlock for you. So to sum it up, this save includes: All difficulties beaten, Super Dante, Legendary Dark Knight unlocked, all weapons maxed out, all enemy files, health bar maxed out, all secret missions completed, all acheivements. This truly is a 100% save, and now I'm off to work on Devil May Cry 2 Hd
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