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Skylanders Swap Force - Nightmare, Hard, Time and Score Mode -390GS

Download Name: Skylanders Swap Force - Nightmare, Hard, Time and Score Mode -390GS  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Skylander Swap Force Clean up Save

I recommend before using this save make sure you have completed the game and completed the easier 3 star achievments.

Save was made to unlock the following but may also unlock other achievments:
- Hard Mode - 150g
- Nightmare Mode - 200g
- 17x 3 Star Time Attack Mode -20g
- 17x 3 Star Score Attack Mode -20g*

I have left one of the easier first levels to be completed in each of the modes above. Complete it and the achievement will pop.

*- may not work. I thought the achievement was completing all levels at 3 star. I mistakenly also completed the extra 'tower of time' score mode level and left one score mode level, which is 17 levels and the achievment popped. Try completing the uncompleted 18th level and it may pop. Maybe delete the 'options' save file.

I also tried to max out this save with everything that can be done with this game. Dig and Sneak characters have not yet been released here so it is impossible to get all collectibles and 3 star everything at this stage.

+ Portal Level 79
+ Most things 3 stared.
+ Almost all collectibles
+ Tower of Time Adventure Pack Unlocked
+ Fiery Forge Battle Pack Unlocked
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