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DBZ HD Collection (Goku 99)

Download Name: DBZ HD Collection (Goku 99)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Just a bit more than the usual stuff already uploaded. The save has a data for DBZ Budokai, Story mode completely unlocked, all characters unlocked, all tournaments available. The Vaccine capsule is already purchased, in case you're crazy enough to want to farm money to get more capsules in this game.

DBZ Budokai 3 has:
- All characters, stages, tournaments, capsules (100% Capsules) and Voice Data unlocked
- Z3 mode unlocked
- Goku level 99 usable. The build is 20/20 Health, Ki, Attack, Arts, 19/20 Guard, 0/20 Ability and Com

No achievement should pop-up automatically as you load the save, but if you trigger something related to the specific achievement you will unlock it immediately. For example, if you play Dragon Universe with Goku and unlock Bardock (he's already unlocked, but you can receive his capsule again like most of the characters) you will immediately unlock the achievement for unlocking Cooler, Bardock, Broly and Omega Shenron ("Budokai 3 Fierce Warriors"). This can easily lead to achievements in a wrong order, especially for the achievements "Budokai 3 Team Frieza" and "Budokai 3 Team Androids" (the Saibamen and Cell Jr. characters, required to get these two achievements, are only unlockable after clearing Dragon Universe with most of the characters, but you would unlock them before then because you unlock Ginyu, Recoome, Frieza, Android #17, Android #18, Dr. Gero and Cell automatically during Dragon Universe with some characters. So you would end up having these achievements before the achievements for completing Dragon Universe with most of the characters, and this would normally not be possible). Similar issues will present with DBZ: Budokai achievements.

This save was meant for personal fun though, not really for achievement-unlocking.
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