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Dead or Alive 5 Achievement Set (Survival, Time Attack, DOA5 is My

Download Name: Dead or Alive 5 Achievement Set (Survival, Time Attack, DOA5 is My Life + More)  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Hey guys,

I finally got around to finishing this game up and thought I would share a few saves I made for the harder achievements.

Included in this set:

1. Insomniac/And Then This Happened - This will get you the finish story mode and finish story mode without skipping any cut scenes
achievements. You just need to load the save and watch through the credits WITHOUT SKIPPING until it takes you back to the main menu.

2. Survival + Time Attack + Arcade Mode Cleared Achievements - For arcade, time attack, and survival master achievements - beat
one course of corresponding mode on any difficulty.

3. Exercise Newbie - You need to complete command training once with any character....I recommend Gen Fu as his is pretty easy.

Note: If you are having trouble with getting his "back turned to foe" his 44P (back back punch(hold) punch). It is the
11th move in his command training and will always put his back to the opponent.

4. DoA5 Is My Life - This will unlock 100 games played and 1000 games played online. They do pop in the correct order, but keep in mind
that they both pop at the same time.

**These achievements will unlock out of order if you have not played the game yet. I would advise getting the easy achievements out
of the way first as these saves are for the more difficult ones.
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