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Resonance of Fate - Save Collection 3

Download Name: Resonance of Fate - Save Collection 3  

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Submitted By: Sean

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This one is a group of 17 saves just before completing every chapter. Data 1 is before completing Chapter 1, Data 2 before completing Chapter 2 and so on. They are all done on New Game+, so you will unlock Tera-Driver by loading any of them. They go from Data 1 to Data 16 since there's 16 Chapters; Data 17 is before completing the Prologue. These saves could help out if you quickly need to get the Chapter X Completed achievements to sort your achievement order. It's similar to part of Pack 1 (except Pack 1 is not a collection of New Game+ saves, while this one is, and Pack 1 has also all the quests cleared on the way while Pack 3 is a bunch of saves in a speedrun where I merely went through the story as quickly as possible), so see what you need and use it. If you complete the game from any of these Datas you will unlock also the achievement Lap Two Complete (since it's already a save on the second playthrough), which you're supposed to unlock only after "A New Beginning". Data 16 is just before the final dungeon, so you can get Lap Two Complete very quickly, just go and defeat the final boss, then wait for the credits and it'll pop up.

For other various achievements (such as the one for clearing Neverland) you can try and look for various saves in the Pack 1; you will most likely find one which is not far from what you want to achieve.

Finally if you want to try to complete this game legit (it's a lot of fun if you understand how it works) I suggest this guide, it helps a ton and trust me it's much more fun to play it legit than just cheat your way through (I know because I tried both :D), then of course you can game-save your way through the most boring achievements (completing quests, grinding kills, arena, liberating Basel, etc.) with those saves in Pack 2.

P.S. I hope it's ok to post that external link since it's not a competitor website.
P.P.S. I know that Mediafire puts down the files after a certain amount of time. If they are down, send me a message instead of just replying in the topic, hopefully I will notice soon enough. It wouldn't be a bad idea if one of the more active users that attend this [great] forum wants to download these files and keep them on his hard disk and then re-upload them in my place if someone reports dead links and I don't see his request (I don't have much time to attend forums!). I've made an attachment-backup for Pack 2 (mirror link below), but unfortunately Pack 1 is just too big (more than 50MB) so I can't upload it directly on here.
P.P.P.S. In case you wonder, the ROE_0000.bin file is the "Resume Game" game data (it's nothing special, I just happened to leave it there :#).
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