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Dark Souls 2 Full Legit 1K Save Set

Download Name: Dark Souls 2 Full Legit 1K Save Set  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Okay guys I'm back with my Second Full Legit 1K Save Set. I just first wanted to thank you for all the Likes/Rep+ on my South Park TSOT Save Set

I really appreciate all the support and continue to look forward to your feedback on all my sets in the future. As with South Park i really do encourage everyone to play this game all the way through at least once. It can be a VERY punishing yet EXTREMELY rewarding experience. I spent all week Creating, Correcting, and Testing these saves.

Please NOTE these Saves would NOT have been possible without each of the following people:

They each deserve a ton of credit for the construction of this Save Set. First off, I must thank Idolhands88 for creating the original Dark Souls 2 Save Editor V1. I also must thank XPG Member and Mod XPGOByto for creating the latest Save Editor V13c. Excellent work. Also XPG Member Deathnotel for creating an excellent MODDED Starter Save using these save editors. Most importantly i must thank XPG Member Vrilya. He did an absolutely fantastic Mini Save Set for this game and helped to lay the groundwork for the construction of this entire set. He was absolutely essential in the completion of this set. There were some saves from his original set that were just NOT at the proper location or had no description whatsoever on what u needed to do. I simply made them closer to the required objective so that they are very easy to understand and follow, even if you have NEVER played this game before . Therefore nearly all of these saves are just a refinement of his original work , with his permission of course, to make things as easy as possible for the player to unlock the Achievements properly.

Please do NOT Post/Share this without asking my permission. This set has all Achievement Gamesaves necessary to earn 1000gs with detailed txt files on how to earn each Achievement in the game very easily with minimal effort.

Please READ the included INSTRUCTIONS/ORDER for these Saves and I promise this will unlock all 1000gs in legit order on a fresh Account. Please NOTE the Order is VERY deliberate as this game requires several playthroughs or lots of PVP to unlock any of the Learn all Spells Achievements. DO NOT under any circumstances pick up any items off the ground of Purchase any Spells/Equipment unless instructed. Doing so will pop the All Spells Achievements out of order. I have included individual saves to minimize this problem for you. I take NO Responsibility for the Achievements popping out of order and recommend u test them on a dummy account first. I sincerely want this to be the ONE and ONLY Save Set that you will ever need for this Excellent game.

*All CREDIT TO bcool2k, Idolhands88, XPGObyto , Deathnotel, and Vrilya.

(Many Thanks to FromSoftware, Namco Bandai and their Creative Teams)

As always DONT forget to Rehash and Resign with your IDs.
I suggest using Horizon.

I hope you Enjoy and Good Luck:) I look forward to your continued feedback and support.
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