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Spiderman 3 - Save Set

Download Name: Spiderman 3 - Save Set  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Load them in this order.
1.Misc. Unlocks:A dark reward,Splat Master 2007,Hitch Hiker,Fast Swinger,Pole Swinger,Collateral Damage,Web Swinger,Master Web Swinger, and Mega Web Swinger.(Just load the save and they unlock.)
2.Web Slinger/Shutter Bug(Load and you get Web Slinger. Do the last Daily Bugle mission for Shutterbug.)
3.Curtis Conners(Do the lizard mission and defeat Dr.Conners.)
4.Master/Mega Tourist(Go to the daily bugle and activate the mission. Wait until the fight breaks out then snap a picture. For the other, climb up to the tallest building in the city and take a picture.)
5.Harry Osbourne(Do the new goblin mission and defeat him.)
6.Mary Jane Thriller(Do the last mary jane mission.)
7.Deputy(Finish the last DeWolf mission.)
8.Luke Carlye(Finish the last Mad Bomber mission.)
9.Macdonald Gargan(Finish The second scorpion mission.)
10.Flint Marko(Finish the sandman mission.)
11.Sergei Kravinoff(Finish the hunted mission.)
12.Wilson Fisk(Finish the second Kingpin mission.)
13.Aleksei Sysevich(finish the last scorpion mission.)
14.Eddie Brock(Finish the grand finale.)
15.Cold Blooded Super Master(Finish the last lizard mission.)
16.Spiderman(Finish the last mary jane mission...again.)
17.Punk Rocker(Use the Map.)
18.Sweet Tooth(Use the Map.)
19.Fire Breather(Use the map.)
20.Arachnophile(Use the Map.)
21.Frequent Flyer(Use the Map.)
22.Pied Piper(Use the Map.)
23.Police Detective(Complete five random city missions.)
24.Police Corporal(Swing around Arsenic candy turf until it pops up. It's the missing paintings one.)
25.Police Officer(Swing aroung the church over near Soho until it pops up.)
26.POlice Sergeant(Swing around Soho if it doesn't pop up quit and reload.)
27.Police Chief(Finish the hard Apocalips combat tour.)
28.Trick Novice(Get atleast bronze on the first race.)
29.Intermediate Racer(Get atleast bronze on race thirty.)
30.Bomb Squad(Finish Bomb tour 5,it's not hard.)
31.Bronze/Silver Finalist(Get bronze and silver on race 47.)
32.Gold Medal Finalist(Get gold on race 47. I know it seems very hard but,it is do-able just keep repeating it till you get it. I made this from the old save now you only have to get gold in one race.)
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