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[EU] Until Dawn Platinum Saveset [CUSA01913]

Download Name: [EU] Until Dawn Platinum Saveset [CUSA01913]  

Category: PlayStation 4 Downloads PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Drchaos

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

SAVE 01- Trophies
Scream Too!
The Psycho Path

Follow the main path and Hide and turn off the flashlight with TRIANGLE and DO NOT MOVE CONTROLLER and trophy will pop

SAVE 02- Trophie
You Opened Their Eyes

Press X on the DUMMY sitting in the chair and the trophy will pop

SAVE 03- Trophie
Let eM In

Do not shoot Emily and pick the choice Reasure and trophy will pop

SAVE 04- Trophie
The Fateful Descent

Walk towards the screen pick up the note and the trophy will pop

SAVE 05- Trophie
The Skilful Wolf Man

Walk to the door hit the Wendigo twice finish the episode and trophy will pop

SAVE 06- Trophie
The Tale of The Two Sisters

It will be right infront of you pick it up flick threw the pages and trophy will pop

SAVE 07- Trophie
Night of the Totem Hunter

Keep yourself to the right keep going and you will see it flashing on the left by a tree pick it up trophy will pop

SAVE 08- Trophies
They All Live
Four Daughters Of Darkness
The Quicker Man
Don't Scare Jessica To Death
Istant Inferno

Turn around go past the stairs and make your way downstairs with Mike (LOCK THE DOOR) (DONT MOVE) (DONT MOVE) (SAVE MIKE) (DONT MOVE) (HIDE) (DONT MOVE) (HIDE) (DONT MOVE)
Reload this save and this time do the same but when you are asked to save mike (RUN TO SWITCH)

SAVE 09- Trophie
Fatal Grudge

Turn around and turn the corner go through the green door check the dummy on the chair cutscene will play decision time (SHOOT ASHLEY)

SAVE 10- Trophies
The Exorcism of Emily
Ashley Snaps

Let the cutscene play out and (SHOOT EMILY) flick through the book and you will get both trophys

SAVE 11- Trophie
You Let The Wrong One In!

Walk towards the door and hit the Wendigo twice and th trophy will pop after

SAVE 12- Trophies
This Is THE End
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Hello, dosen't work on digital download cusa 01913. somebody help me?