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3D Dot Game Heros Game Saves

Download Name: 3D Dot Game Heros Game Saves  

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Guide Link : 3D Dot Game Heroes FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by EgHeadFool - GameFAQs

This save is in the last boss room in normal mode. Just kill him without dying:

Trophies : Flawless Heroes

Link : No Death Gameplay

Rescue Sue and Rescue Spelunker

Trophies : Rescue Sue
Spelunker's Savior

Link : Rescue Sue, Rescue Spelunker

Rescue Ai, get the Hero Shield and go to Dotnia Castle IN THAT ORDER or you will not be able to rescue Ai. After
the Princess is restored, go to Raejack Village and sleep in the inn.
Trophies : Rescue Ai
Rescued the Princess
Have a Nice Night?
Obtained the Hero Shield
Master Magician

Link : Rescue Ai, All Magic,Hero Shield

This save is in the last boss room in FROM mode. Just kill him for the trophy
Trophies : And the World was Saved

Link : From Mode

This save is in the last boss room in Spelunker mode. Just kill him for the trophies

Trophies : Spelunker Extraordinaire
You're a Survivor
And the Adventure Continues

Link : Spelunker Mode

Go to King Block and buy the last sword. Go to Raejack Village and upgrade the Giga Sword and visit the house marked as #2
in the guide [the house with the blue slime in the front] and talk to the old man. Now with the Giga Sword at it's max is easier to
best the bosses [sorry but you have to do them by yourselves]. Go to Ortego Village and enter the item shop. Keep spending money
but try to reach the 777 mark [arrows are 1 gol so keep firing arrows at the shop]

Trophies : Arround the World
Forged a Sword
That's a Big Fat Sword
King Block's Seal of Approval
All Sword Obtained
Life is Precious
Triple 7s
All Bested Trophies
Link : All Swords,Seal of Approval, All Life, Forged a Sword,Giga Sword, Arround the World

This save has all the beast booked except the bosses so all you need is to book all the big bosses. Use the guide in the top page
if you need help
Trophies : All booked bosses trophies
Bestiary Complete
Link : Bestiary
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