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Skylanders Giants Gamesave

Download Name: Skylanders Giants Gamesave  

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Submitted By: maDz

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Skylanders Giants
Slot 1 -Completed story, all chests/legendaries/hats(no nightmare hat)/luck-o-tron wheels/winged sapphires 8/8 charms
all available skylanders registered except lightcore hex

Slot 2 - Starter Save - This was done upon a request, This is at the very beginning of the game (Chapter 1)
Nothing is unlocked except for the heroic challenges (not including the purchasable ones) and the 4 Adventure pack chapters - Can not access until chapter 3

Slot 3 - Completed(Story only) Nightmare mode - Access to the Knight helm
Credits to Nexus23 for this save

you do not need a giant to complete the game, just to do extras and get certain achievements other than that it is completely playable with normal skylanders

money making trick
[Slot1] if you go to the back of the ship, up the stairs, through the door, up the 1st set of stairs (above the game room) and out the back of that door there will be a load of gems there. i believe as long as you do not get the winged sapphire you can get all the gems. exit game by using the menu - exit to dash, as this will not save the game but your skylander will retain its money
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This is for Spyro's Adventure, not Giants.