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Modded BotW Save File 1.0

Download Name: Modded BotW Save File 1.0  

Category: Nintendo Downloads Nintendo Switch Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

This save file is heavily edited so make sure to back up your own save! This file was tested with BotW ver 1.4 + both DLCs.

- 100% (all 900 Koroks, shrines, quests, etc,)
- 30 heart containers
- 3 stamina wheels
- all inventory slots unlocked
- Master Cycle unlocked (bonus tip: use 3 monster essences and 1 rock salt to fill up your fuel)
- max rubies and mons
- LOTS of items stacked to 999
- 99 uses for each relic (except mipha's)
- lots of weapons with 999 damage and basically infinite durability
- lots of modified bows (10 shot burst / 999 damage / instant shot + infinite durability)
- max arrows
- hylian and wind waker shields with infinite durability and 999 guard
- One Hit Obliterator (you can't unequip it; only way to do it is to load a save)
- all armor pieces (except for the cosmetic Amiibo ones)
- Kilton's Medals (you have to talk to him to get them)
- one hit mop
- long throw harpoon (once you throw it, it'll probably never come back)
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