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[EU] The Inpatient (CUSA08291) - Blood On Your Hands"* or

Download Name: [EU] The Inpatient (CUSA08291) - Blood On Your Hands"* or "Sacrificial Lamb  

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First, it’s important that you follow the steps for trophy “You succumbed to temptation”. This will make it so your cell
mate doesn’t show up later in the game – very important for this trophy!
When you meet David for the first time he jumps at you from behind a wall armed with a piece of wood. The key for the trophy is to make him
trust you. He can’t grow suspicious of you.---> When you meet David follow these choices:Left: Wish I knewRight: Not a living soulFollow him through the corridor until he stops. Next dialogue starts:Right: It doesn’t matter, let’s goLeft: I don’t know what happenedLeft: What happened?After this talk, if David says”I’ll keep my eyes on you” you have messed up! He can’t say that. Keep following him to Bragg’s office, then
take the following choices:Left: You left me to dieRight: I don’t have to tell you anythingRight: Leave Braggs behindNow when crossing the courtyard, tell nurse Suzanne:Left: You wait hereWhile crossing the courtyard a Wendigo attacks you. Shake the VR headset to mess up this part so the Wendigo sees you. Now David will
sacrifice himself to rescue you.
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