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Memory Card Save File - Gran Turismo 2, Ace Combat 2,3 and more

Download Name: Memory Card Save File - Gran Turismo 2, Ace Combat 2,3 and more  

Category: PlayStation 1 PS1 Memory Card Save Files (Emulator)

Submitted By: Sean

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This file contains memory card file for epsxe and pcsx2 which contains save file compilations for multiple games in one memory card and full playthrough save files that covers an entire game mostly for rpg games.

all save files are compatible for ntsc uc/us region games

1. Ace Combat 2 - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

2. Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere - Mission Simulator & Music Player Unlocked. All planes available (includes Aurora, NightRaven & Geopelia). Strongest Weapon - OSL (Orbitte Satellite Laser) Unlocked. All Rank A in Hard Missions. - NTSC UC

3. Armored Core - 100% Game Completed. All Parts Have Been Purchased - NTSC UC

4. Einhander - Everything Unlocked - NTSC UC

5. Gran Turismo 2 - 100 Cars, CLK Race Car Honda NSX Fully Upgraded, All Gold Licenses. -NTSC UC

6. Heart of Darkness - Game Cleared and All Movies Unlocked - NTSC UC

7. Incredible Crisis - Everything Cleared, all mini games unlocked. - NTSC UC

8. Nuclear Strike - All Levels Unlocked - NTSC UC

9. Star Wars Dark Forces - All Levels Unlocked. - NTSC UC

10. Threads of Fate - Both Rue and Mint games completed. Ready to start New Game + with either character.
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