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Pokemon Uranium: Trainer +6 V1.00 {MrAntiFun}

Download Name: Pokemon Uranium: Trainer +6 V1.00 {MrAntiFun}  

Category: PC Gaming PC Game Trainers

Submitted By: maDz

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F1 - Active Trainer

F2 - Super Health

F3 - Inf.Money

F4 - Inf.Potions

F5 - Inf.Rare Candy

F6 - Inf.Antidote

F7 - Inf.PokeBalls


If you don't follow exact instructions your game save may get ruined and game could crash

first activate money cheat then open the Trainers Profile in game where money shows up then turn off the cheat

For potions, Rare Candy, Antidote, Pokeballs you must have at least 1 of each item you want to effect, Open bag, Activate cheats and switch between items to the item you want to effect, Once you get the effect turn off cheat.

For Pokemon Super Health, First open Pokemon tab where the Pokemons you have show,Then activate health cheat ""You must activate it after you open the tab"", Then click on the pokemons yo want to effect and they will get massive health, Once done turn off the cheat to prevent it from effecting AI pokemons, Cheat effect will revert after your pokemon lvl up so you will have to repeat this each time you lvl up."
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