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[EU] LEGO MARVEL's Avengers 100% Trophy

Download Name: [EU] LEGO MARVEL's Avengers 100% Trophy  

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I'll Do It Myself:
Head to the Avengers Tower in Manhattan and enter the building. Now you will be in Iron Man's Penthouse (the one from Story Mode) so head towards your screen, up one little tiny level and you will see a switch that you can pull which will activate the Fountain.

You Asked For It:
Stop 10 random crimes in Manhattan, in one session.

I Am Iron Stan:
To unlock the trophy you must select Stanbuster (he's in the top left corner) and once Stan is inside it, then the trophy will unlock.

Be Worthy:
To create a custom character you will first have to travel to the Shield Hellicarrier. To get there you will first have to travel to Manhattan, then fly all the way up to the Shield Hellicarrier. When you get there, use the switch in the center to head down into the interior of the ship. Once down there, head up the stairs to the left and through the door. Next, head all the way down the path and through the door at the end then next take a right into the medical bay and the create a character station will be in the right corner. To get the trophy all you have to do is change the weapon of your custom character to Thor's Hammer. By completing the story you should already have Thor's Hammer unlocked.

Perfect Pannapictagraphist:
You can view the Minikit comic pages in the Collectors room aboard the Shield Hellicarrier, once in there use the right terminal and view each page, upon viewing the last one the trophy will unlock.

Going Knowhere:
Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time.

Create a Super Hero:
Create a Custom Character.

House Party Protocol:
Play as every Iron Man variant in one session:

Iron man (Mk1)
Iron Man (Mk5)
Iron Man (Mk6)
Iron Man (Mk7)
Iron Man (Mk16)
Iron Man (Mk13 : Heartbreaker)
Iron Man (Mk25)
Iron Man (Mk33 : Silver Centurion)
Iron Man (Mk40)
Iron Man (Mk42)
Iron Man (Mk43)
Iron Man (Mk45)
Superior Iron Man

Young Avengers:
Play as: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Hulkling, Wiccan, America Chavez and Speed in the same session

Trophy that you can unlock on the save:

On Your Left
Warriors Three
A Startling Metamorphosis
Born Yesterday
Globe Trotter
Giant-Sized MARVEL
We're Connected
Fast and the Fury Us
A Magical Place
Stiff Upper Lip
Over the Moon

Trophy Story Mode:

Struck Off The List
A Loki Entrance
Rail Hydra
Shakespeare in the Park
Helicarrier Havoc
Avengers Assemble
Earth's Mightiest
Lack of Insight
Ready, A.I.M., Fire
Lost in the Aether
No Strings On Me
Anger Management
Korea Prospects
Rise of Ultron
Ultron Undone
Always Angry
True Avenger
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