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PS3 - Beyond Good & Evil HD (Save Set)

Download Name: PS3 - Beyond Good & Evil HD (Save Set)  

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Beyond Good & Evil HD 100% SaveSet

NOTE: These saves are on 5 seperate save slots so you can resign ALL 5 to save time!
(5 is the MAXIMUM saveslots so some save Numbers are duped)

******************YOU WILL NEED THE PROFILE SAVE FOR THESE TO WORK******************

SAVE 01 = Hovercraft
This will save you 10/15mins gameplay. You start in Pey'j's workshop, just go down the the docking area and push the 'Electric' box (opposite side to the Hovercraft, with Pey'j's help) to power up the Hovercraft and unlock this trophy.

SAVE 02 = Gamble King 1 & Gamble King 2
Load up the save and win one more game against 'Peepers' (upstairs) AND one more game against 'Francis' for the 2 Gamble trophies. You can play as many times as you like as long as you win at least once (the wins don't need to be consecutive) also, it seems the games are slower if you bet the lowest amount.

SAVE 03 = Kicking ***
Once the save loads you'll be next to an opening on your RIGHT, crouch (L2) and go through, follow the duct until you drop down into an opening where you need to 'shimmy' across to reach the guards, once on the same side as the guards just crouch (L2) and sneak up behind a guard and press [] to kick him then immediately press [] again to finish him off and get this trophy, you may need to run back to where you came from otherwise the other guard will attack!

SAVE 04 = Bounty Hunter
You'll start off at Mammago's Garage, just hop into your Hovercraft then once outside Mammago's you need to head directly RIGHT through the archway in the distance (NOT the tunnel to the left) and head towards the sandy bank with the half open door (if the guard robot is there just hold [] to lock on then fire to kill it], this is the 'Looter's Cave 2' sorry I didn't leave an easier one but it shouldn't take more than a couple of goes.

SAVE 05 = Racing Champion
Again, you'll start at Mammago's, upon exiting you need to head for the red barrier direcrly to your LEFT (towards the lighthouse) once you reach the barrier you need to jump over it (X) and head to the half open door in the cliff face, once inside you need to finish 1st on race 4. Don't worry, the race is easy, you have 99 boosts [you may need to press left on the D-PAD to select the boosts when the race starts, once selected just press O to boost]

SAVE 06 = Wildlife Photographer
When the game loads head out into the open area and immediately turn LEFT up the slope and LEFT again into the elevator, press [] on the pink button to go to the next area, once there you'll see some blue bubbles on the ground, look at them with your camera (L1) when you do it scurries off under some boxes, now you need to be fairly quick at this point, move towards the back of the room and hold L1 for your camera, now look for the bubbles and press R2 to fire your weapon, once the bubbles scurry across the room take a snapshot with R1 and *PING* a boring trophy made quick!

SAVE 07 = Data Manager
Once the game loads you'll be in 'Ming-Tzu's Shop' just approch him at the counter and say the password:- "Safe and sound in its shell, the precious pearl is the slave of the currents"
and go through the newly opened door and the disc is on the right, just press [] to pick it up.

SAVE 08 = Money Bags
Load the game and head through the cave enterance to your LEFT and just follow the path until you come to an opening, once there you'll see 3 blue pearls in the distance run to them and press[] to collect them and the trophy.

SAVE 09 = Project Apollo
Once the game loads head through the narrow gap directly on your RIGHT and you should emerge in your spaceship, hold R2 whilst heading straight up then hold O to boost which should trigger the cut scene into space, once there just head for the moon in front of you, when you enter the trophy will pop.

SAVE 10 = Big Heart
When the game loads just head for the kiosk behind you and to the right, the last PA-1 is waiting for you. (interact with [])

SAVE 11 = Beyond Good & Evil
I have this as close to the end as possible, but theres still some work to do! Head to your Hovercraft to exit the ship, once outside look for your spaceship flying close by, head over to it and press X to attach to it. Once airborne head to your destination and you'll be over run with enemies, keep shooting them down until backup arrives (spaceship controls are rubbish, UP is UP and DOWN is DOWN theres no way to invert them!!) anyway, once backup arrives just head to your destination and land using [], now all 3 of you need to stand on the pads in the centre platform to face the end boss, don't worry, you've pratctically got infinite health and around 95 k-bups (press LEFT on the D-PAD to select them, they're like pink bowl looking things with the number 6 on them and what looks like fruit inside, use with O).
The fight is fairly easy, just the last section where the controls get reversed is kind of tricky because one slip up reverts back to the first sequence! Keep at it!

***End Boss Strategy Tips***

Firstly, defeat the DomZ Sarcophagi that attack you. The main boss will come away from the statue and approach you. With your Dai-Jo, use a few super attacks. He'll retreat, protect himself in materia spikes and send out Pey'j clones. Use Double H's super attack to make the clones go airbourne and throw them into the main boss's materia spikes. Do the same when the spikes are gone to damage the boss. Eventually, Double H becomes unavailable for the rest of the battle.

The next part goes in a pattern. Hit in the directions as he appears:
(Note, when I say 'above', it means use X and any direction to dodge then [] to attack)

Left, up, right, left, up, right, above, down, right, up.

After a few hits, the boss will release clones of Double H. Kill the clones.
This is where things get rough.

You'll be doing a similar process as above, but one major difference - your moves are reversed. Left is right, right is left, up is down, and down is up. Now follow this:

Left, right, left, right, above, down, up, above.

Once you hit him and kill him for good.

Now you should have 100%
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