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PS3 - Tales of Xillia 2 Modded Save

Download Name: PS3 - Tales of Xillia 2 Modded Save  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

2. Param.sfo file has been removed from the folder, so you'll have to add your own.

3. The save is made just before the final boss marathon. Slice everything up, make some choices and create a clear game save. The characters in your party have max stats, so you'll have no problems.

4. You have all weapons, items, equipment etc. etc. There's over 100.000.000 gald for your spending needs.

5. I believe that meeting the requirements for certain trophies just once will pop the relevant trophy. Like for example, win one more battle to get the trophy for 800 battles won.

6. With the save under bullet [1.] you can get these trophies:
- Item Fanatic
- Monster Annihilator
- Combo Virtuoso (do 200+ hits combo)
- Lord of Links
- Master of Chains
- Chromatus Control
- Elite Annihilator
- My Soul Brother Jude
- Milla Resonance
- Alvin, My Blood Brother
- Forever Elize
- Rowen Army
- Leia the Ultimate
- Eternal Conquest with Gaius
- Lovin' with Muzet
- Perfect Body (talk to Nova in front of Spirius building in Trigleph)
- Beyond Judgment (beat final boss and keep selecting L1 choices)
- The Fatalist (beat final boss and keep selecting R1 choices)
- Ludger Transformation Spree
- Snap Pivot Urban Legend
- MAXwell
- Super Charged
- Teepo Embodied
- Fortissimo
- Staff of Indignation
- Gaius Fury
- Warp Goddess
- Doppelganger
- Life Giver
- Binding Queen
- Expert Breaker
- Soul Siphon
- Spirit Protector
- Notorious Bandit
- Power Savior
- Limousine
- The Strongest
- Gambler (win at least 100 chips in poker minigame)
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