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PS3 - Castlevania Lords of Shadow Modded Save

Download Name: PS3 - Castlevania Lords of Shadow Modded Save  

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Submitted By: Sean

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checked, and there wasn't a New Game save anywhere on the forum that is specifically for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

So, I took it upon myself to create new game saves file, on Paladin difficulty, since they do stack.

No Damage is enabled. Yes, no damage, invincibility, immortality, whatever you wanna call it, you won't and will not die from any enemies.

You will still die from long falls, but as far as that goes, you are immortal.

Now I know you're gonna ask, "won't that disable trophies?"

The answer is, no.

I've used this save on my main account, up to chapter 4 now, and all trophies pop, as they should. And if that wasn't enough, I've tested it on a dummy account, it 100% works.

Enjoy. (Don't forget to thank, and rate this thread a 5 star, proving that the save really does WORK)
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