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[Game Dev Tycoon] Multiplayer Mod

Download Name: [Game Dev Tycoon] Multiplayer Mod  

Category: PC Gaming PC Game Mods

Author: Darkly

Submitted By: Nasyr

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Version: 0.5.11

File Size: 94.64 KB

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Item description:

Server side client: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Compete and co-operate with your friends!

Compete and co-operate with your friends!
This package includes a server application and a client mod that allow you to connect to each other, share your stats, chat, co-develop games, sabotage and more.


GDTMP is now available in multiple languages. The translations, including those to a language that is not included in Game Dev Tycoon by default, can be enabled in the regular language list in the settings menu.

If you are interested in translating GDTMP to your language, PM me. Knowing some JavaScript isn't necessary but it will help you avoid errors.

This mod is very prone to cheating, but it's mainly intended for private games between friends (there is no way to prevent cheating without making pretty much everything server-side)
It should also be compatible with most other mods, but it won't interact with them (except their added topics, platforms, and researches)
It is recommended that you use this ( mod to backup your saves before enabling GDTMP (like all other mods this could screw up your data)

Thank you...
@MrLaAnguila, @Today, @1113, @Derrizah, @OnOff2020, @Quaelor, @Pulibara, @xujozer, and @967018 for translating the mod
@brudertack82 for helping me fixing bugs and advice
@alphabit for advice
@mrbengtsson for offering help translating the mod and also requesting the whole localization thing
All public server hosts, especially @Killertoad, @KizzaGaming, and @Rex0099 for hosting some of the first public servers
Everyone else for reporting bugs, suggesting features, and well... playing with the mod!

Download the client zip file and extract the "dmultiplayer" folder in the Game Dev Tycoon mods folder. (default location is C:/Program Files (x86/)Steam/steamapps/common/Game Dev Tycoon/mods for most Steam users)
Open Game Dev Tycoon
Instead of clicking to load the game, press Escape and click "Mods"
Enable the mod by clicking on it
Restart the game and play

Server: (Windows only, requires .NET 4)
Download the server zip file and extract it somewhere on your computer.
a) Console (better performance but harder to use): Run "dmultiplayersrv.exe".
b) Full interface (worse performance but easier to use): Run "GDTMP Server.exe".
a) If you want to play with people over the internet (not on LAN), forward port 3966 (TCP) in your router. Click here ( for a port forwarding guide. Select your router brand, router model, then click "Default Guide" (just above the list of programs). You can find your public IP here (
b) If you want to play with people connected to your local WiFi network, you don't have to do anything, other than find out your local IP so other people can connect to it. There's a guide for that here (

Player's guide

Every time you start the game with the mod enabled, you will be asked for the IP of the server you want to connect to. Ask the host for the IP if you don't know it already. If you don't want to connect to a server, click "Cancel".

About 2 years into the game, you should be able to research spying. This allows you to trade research points for cash with other players. Click your CEO to perform this.

Co-developing games
About one year later, you should be able to research co-development of games. After the research is complete, you can send co-development offers in the regular game development dialog.

About 7 years into the game, you should be able to research spying. This automatically informs you of what other players are researching and what's happening to them in real time. Click your CEO to perform this.

Advanced spying and sabotage
About 12 years into the game, you should be able to research advanced spying. This gives you advanced details on the targeted player's company. Click your CEO to perform this.
About 15 years into the game, you should be able to research sabotage. You can either hack someone's interviews and make them lose fans, corrupt their game in development (will fail if they are not developing a game), or asassinate an employee. Click your CEO to perform this.
Advanced spying and sabotage have some things in common. They both have a chance of failing, and a chance of getting you caught if they don't fail. The chance of failing/getting caught rises as you move onto the more advanced sabotage options. However, you can lower those chances by increasing your budget in the pop-up dialog. Also, only the founder of the vompany can use these options.

Chat/log window
Press T to bring up the chat/log window.

/commands - shows a list of client commands
/mute [company/player] - mute messages from a certain player
/srvsettings - shows server settings
/tell [company/player] [message] - send a private message to a player
/tellre [message] - private message the player you last sent a message to
/unmute [company/player] - unmute messages from a certain player

Advice for server hosts

I highly recommend typing "help" to see what commands you can use and, if you're using the console, typing "set help" to find out which settings you can change (such as time synchronization).
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PC General Forum

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Had a solid 12 hour session on this game with my little brother using the multiplayer mod. Unfortunately the sabotage element does not work properly lol