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[Game Dev Tycoon] Cheat Mod

Download Name: [Game Dev Tycoon] Cheat Mod  

Category: PC Gaming PC Game Mods

Author: Kristof1104

Submitted By: Nasyr

Date Added:

Version: 1.0.5

File Size: 9.56 KB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This is a mod for Game Dev Tycoon, it enables users to use cheats through an in-game menu.
Using this mod is a safer method then changing the save game directly with an editor.

version 0.1.1
- Add Money
- Add ResearchPoints
- Add Fans
- Add DreamTeam (Fills in all open team spots with pro-level Game-designers)

version 0.1.2
New Features:
- Goto last level of Game Dev tycoon (Hardware and RnD lab included)

version 0.1.3
New Features:
- Add AAA research

version 0.1.4
New Features:
- Move in Time function, you can now goto any year in the game

version 0.1.5
- Fixed bug in version 0.1.4 (when adding money an debug alert was displayed)

version 0.1.6
New Features:
- Money can now be added By 1M, 10M, 20M.
- Staff members don't need Vacation.

version 0.1.7
- Works with latest Game Dev Tycoon Version

version 0.1.8
New Features:
- Hype can now be added by 100 points.
- Always perfect games mode added.

version 0.1.9
New Features:
- Added A No Bugs Mode (No bugs during game creation)
- Add All Topics (Research All Topics)

version 0.2.0
- Fixed a problem with the No Bugs Mode
New Features:
- Added Fast Research Mode (Research is almost instant)

version 0.2.1
- Female staff members added tot 1337 dreamTeam.

version 0.2.2
- Fixed bug in Fast Reseach Mode, Training staff now works again.
- Added Feature to give yourself Pro developing skills.
- Added Feature to create Random strong trends!
- Random 11 out of 10 scores now possible in "Always perfect games mode".
- Add hype by 10 , 50 and 100
- Add Fans by 1M , 10M and 100M
version 0.2.3
- Fixed bug in Add DreamTeam, (sometimes in level 4 it wouldn't add the last 2 staff members)
version 0.3.0
- Added Feature ,Users can now add Tech levels ( For example Graphics V3 lvl 15 ..)
- Added Feature to allow users to add Design & Tech points to a game during game development
version 1.0.0
- Added Feature To Add Sequel games
- Added Feature To allow users to add Design & Tech points by 10 or 100
- Added Feature To allow players to easily add ResearchPoints by a + button.
- Added Boost L2 for DreamTeam
- Added Feature To add a B-Team: stats are at 700 instead of 1000.
version 1.0.1
- Added Feature To Add 1B Money
version 1.0.2
- Added Feature To Show/Unlock All hints
version 1.0.3
- Bugfix Show/Unlock All hints
version 1.0.4
- Unlock Casual games & Sequels when starting new games
version 1.0.5
- Added simple way to set money and fans for mod testing.
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