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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Complete Save (Level 67)

Download Name: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Complete Save (Level 67)  

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"Level 67

All Gwent cards.

All Oils / Decoctions / Potions & Diagrams.

All Points of Interest(?) cleared in Velen/Novigrad & Toussaint - Skellige mostly complete.

All Places of Power found.

Around 15000 crowns for you to use however you want, hoarded most of the stuff in the stash - make sure to check it out.

3 Potions of Clearance & 2 Potions of Restoration for you to respect skills and mutation.

Grandmaster Manticore, Wolven, Feline sets and weapons already crafted.

Runewright & House fully upgraded.

Roach is Nilfgaardian black mere.

The Wild Hunt ending: Nilfgaard won, Ciri empress - romanced Yennefer.

Hearts of Stone ending: Helped Olgierd - got Iris and his armor, completed the Viper Set.

Blood & Wine ending: Happy ending - Anna and Syanna buried the hatchet. Yennefer back at home.

Author: Inkeyez"
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