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US 5.53 Dynasty Warriors 8 XL Complete Edition (CUSA00397)

Download Name: US 5.53 Dynasty Warriors 8 XL Complete Edition (CUSA00397)  

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Once the game and save are loaded, from the main menu go to the gallery
View weapons - Pop "Musou Collector" (Silver)
View Wallpapers - Pop "Wallpaper Compiler" (Bronze)
View Events - Pop "Event Aficionado" (Bronze)
View Movies - Pop "Movie Maven" (Bronze)

Hit Circle until you are at the main menu, choose AMBITION MODE and select CONTINUE. it should bring you to an interim save and the trophy "Expedient Leader" (Bronze) should auto pop. If for some reason it doesn't, choose "Next Battle" and choose a Skirmish (Bottom left choice, will have green title). Once in battle run straight to the end general as fast as you can and kill him (easy setting so one swing from your horse should do it). After the fight you need your time remaining to still be above 14 minutes. If you've gotten this far and no trophy, use a soft reset and try again (don't save or let it auto save). Once you've obtained this trophy choose the option to return to the main camp.

Once in the main camp press Start>Equip Skills then wait for the following trophies to pop
"War Trident Expert" (Bronze)
"Flame Bow Expert" (Bronze)
"Woven Cloth Expert" (Bronze)
"Art of War Scroll Expert" (Bronze)
"Crossed Pike Expert" (Bronze)

Now exit from this menu and walk over to the GUARD. Talk to him and choose Ultimate Difficulty. Next chose to do a "Skirmish" (Bottom left choice, will have green title). This is a very short and easy battle. You'll start on your horse. Stay on your horse and run to the end general while spamming square the whole way. Your goal here is to win fast without getting hit so keep your horse moving and spam square. Once you kill the end general fast without getting hit (very easy even on hardest setting) choose the option to return to the main camp after the battle. You'll pop the following trophies in the process:
"Ultimate Warrior" (Gold)
"Victory Call" (Silver)
"Golden Dream" (Silver)
"Carnage" (Silver)
"Seasoned Veteran" (Silver)
"Famous Commander" (Silver)
"New Friends" (Bronze)
"Lightning Speed" (Bronze)
"Matchless Warrior" (Bronze)

Now talk to the MINISTER and enter the "Final Battle" choose any difficulty. Once in battle pause the game and select "Command Bodyguards" Choose one of your bodyguard's and select the bottom option for them (has a small gear icon) and assign them to complete that skill while you're clearing the board. During the battle you'll pop:
"First Skill" (Bronze)
"Skill Specialist" (Bronze)
"Total Unifier" (Gold) this will pop after the battle

When back at camp talk to the BLACKSMITH. choose "Weapon fusion", select 2 weapons from the inventory to fuse. Now choose whatever upgrade you want and press start to execute the fusion. The trophy
"First Fusion" (Bronze) will pop

Press circle to back out until you are back at the main camp. Press Start>Officer Info>Bodyguard Settings>Strenghten Bodyguards Choose a bodyguard to upgrade and one to part with then execute the upgrade. The trophy
"First Fortification" (Bronze) will pop

Now talk to the MINISTER again and choose to fight in any province (They are all at 100% so it doesn't matter which one). Difficulty doesn't matter but I suggest the easiest setting to simplify things. Also before entering battle there will be a grid of units under your command. Fill the grid completely with any officers you want. Make sure there are zero vacancies before entering battle. In this battle you will need to focus on clearing the board while keeping all your units alive, if you lose even one guy the Battle Pro trophy won't pop so keep an eye on them and protect them (May take some running back and forth but don't get lazy or you'll waste time in the end). Save the end boss for last, if you kill him too soon the Subjugation trophies won't all pop. When looking at the map you'll see blue and red flags. Those are bases and you need to take over the red flags and turn them blue. Once you have cleared the map, finish off the end general and you'll pop:
"Subjugator" (Silver)
"Total Subjugation" (Bronze)
"Total Victory" (Bronze)
"Battle Pro" (Bronze)

Use the soft reset and from the main menu enter FREE MODE, I did my trophy testing offline so suggest doing the same to ensure repeatability. Choose any battle and play on ultimate difficulty. For your officer choose LuBu or Zhang Liao as I have them maxed out. The generals hit hard here so use interim saves as you go through the board if you need them. With the modded weapons I have equipped your officer will charge life when hitting enemies so it's easy to recover health if you get low. Each board has 3 "Stars" or feats as the game calls them. Choose a board with 2 easy ones so you can achieve those feats during the board. A board with 100 horseback kills and a lame bodyguard task are ideal. Find what works best for your style though. The focus here is to clear the board again while saving the end boss for last. Kill every enemy you can until you hit 1000 KO's. Most boards have a spot where the enemy's continue to spawn small groups of troops no matter what so if you clear the board and aren't quite at 1000 yet just camp at one of those spots and keep picking off troops until you hit 1000. Once you hit 1000 finish off the board and if you followed my instructios right you will pop:
"Ultimate Rating" (Gold)
"Goal Getter" (Silver)
"Highest Rating" (Bronze)
"Mighty Warrior" (Bronze)

Use the soft reset and from the main menu choose STORY MODE>LUBU>SELECT STAGE, Play the last board on the far right lower path "Recapture of Chang'an" on beginner difficulty. Clear and win the battle. It's kind of a longer one but just keep moving and following the battle messages. After the end scene and credits you'll pop
"Story Buff" (Bronze) - This will probably pop early in the battle
"Crossroads" (Silver)
"War God" (Silver)
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