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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Completed Save Game

Download Name: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Completed Save Game  

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• Story Completion: 100%

• S Rank Completion: 100%

• All Bonus Requirements completed for each battle

Adventure (and DLCs):

• All map locations unlocked

• Event Completion (Naruto Uzumaki - Trail of the Gale): 100%

• Event Completion (Shikamaru Nara - The Fresh Green of the Hidden Leaf): 100%

• Event Completion (Gaara of the Sand - Bonds of the Sandy Sea): 100%

• Naruto Uzumaki: The Adventure is loaded in Naruto's Room

• Shikamaru Nara: The Adventure is loaded in the Hokage's Chamber

• Gaara of the Sand: The Adventure is loaded in the Kazekage's Estate - Rooftop

• 54/54 Memory Fragments completed with S Rank

• 50/50 Ninja Tasks completed

• All Rank of Ninja World Tournament completed

• All Ninja Tools unlocked and bought. The best tools are in the wheel

• Maxed all Consumable Items (99)

• All Key Items

• Super Ramen actived: Guarantees bonus boosts for the next 3 battles. It afflicts Naruto, Shikamaru, Gaara and all the characthers used in any battle in Adventure mode

Free Battle:

• All 40 Stages unlocked

• All Characters and all Costumes unlocked

• VS Battle: Difficulty set to Super Hard in Battle Settings

• Survival - Ability Cap Survival: All Beginner (3), Intermediate (5) and Advanced (7) levels completed

○ Survival - Ultimate Survival: I stopped intentionally to 31th battle in a row because I was getting bored. So you can always made your own record

• Tournament: I made at least 10 tournament to unlock the Ninja Info Card Skins

• League - Challange League: All Beginner (3), Intermediate (5) and Adavanced (7) levels completed

• 15/15 Battle Practice completed

• Customize Character: I customize all characters and every costumes with all the Finish Cut-In Images and the best suited Substitution Items

• Presets: I preset the 8 slots with the characters of The Last and Boruto movies

○ You can always change the Customize Characters and the Presets

Online Battle:

○ 9/10 Login Bonus. So you can take the last bonus

○ Rank 1: No battles done. So you can continue to play with your Online stats

• Limited Time Only Event: Obtained the Initial Completion Reward of all events (Genin, Chunin and Jonin Levels). Even of the past events

○ Completion Count of Bingo Book: 0. So you can continue to play with your Online stats

○ You can always customize your Ninja Info Card and your Matching Voices as you want or keep the Card that you already have


• Collected 100%, also for pre-order and DLCs characters/costumes

• 492/492 Matching Voices collected

• 1000/1000 Ninja Info Card Pictures collected

• 1008/1008 Titles collected

• 30/30 Ninja Info Card Skins collected

• 81/81 Substitution Items collected

• 512/512 Finish Cut-In Images collected

Extra Features:

• Max amount of money: 9999999 Ryo

• Maxed all Ninja Treasures (999)

• All the Tutorial guides unlocked and read


• Version 1.06 (update 9)

• Season Pass

• Pre-order region-specific costumes DLCs (2x Poncho, 1x Traditional Festival)

• Pre-order bonus contents

• DLC Pack 1 contents

• DLC Pack 2 contents

• DLC Pack 3 contents

• Akatsuki Combination Secret Technique content

○ Compatible with all future updates/fixes

○ Compatible with all other mods


1) Made a backup of your current save game data

2) Then copy the files inside the folder you download to your save-game folder:

◘ STEAM version: Program Files (x86)SteamuserdataYOUR_NSUNS4_USERNAME349040

◘ CODEX version: Your SystemUsersYOUR_PC_USERNAMEAppDataRoamingSteamCODEX349040


◘ After the installation of DLC packs, for some versions, the new directory could be:

Your SystemProgramDataSteamYOUR_NSUNS4_USERNAME349040

PS: If you don't want the Online Features don't copy all the files, only copy the ""storm4.s"" file to ""remote"" folder.

Remember that ""AppData"" and ""ProgramData"" folders are hidden folders.

Remember also that you can change your NSUNS4 name in the "".ini file"" in your Game Directory

Author: DanyEl1995"
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