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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - SaveGame compilation

Download Name: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - SaveGame compilation  

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Submitted By: maDz

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"Decisions from TW1 and TW2(for those who care)

TW1: Triss romance, neutral path, Siegfried dead, Yaevinn alive, Adda alive

TW2: Aryan alive, Iorveth path, Stennis dead, Saskia saved, Síle alive, Letho alive)

About the decisions on TW3: All the saved games on the file come from one playthrough, decisions are the same, except for the ones you can make later on.

TW3: Yen romance, Ciri Witcher, Dijkstra wins the war, mages fled to Kovir, Keira alive, Letho left for Zerrikania, Baron alive, Whoreson Jr dead, Cerys queen of Skellige(HoS: Shani romance, heist done with Casimir, Horst and Ewald dead, Rose taken from Iris, sided with Olgierd).

Any decisions that you want to know and are not listed above, let me know.

Points of the storyline in this file:

Isle of Mists with HoS done.

Whatsoever a Man Soweth (Main quest Ugly Baby active)

Main Story+HoS complete, ready for B&W

Capture the Castle(Key point on B&W, Main Story complete)

Everything done, ready for NG+(HoS, B&W, all grandmaster items, and so on)

Author: Rafaelbw"
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