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[USA 5.05] Dead Rising 4 Modded Save

Download Name: [USA 5.05] Dead Rising 4 Modded Save  

Category: PS4 Modded Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 46.00 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

Save Information

Story Mode Completed: 99%
Character Level: 100
PP: 3,105,338
Max Scrap: 999,999,999
Skill points available: 5
Locations Discovered: 160/163
Cases: 7/7
Skills: 105/107 - Should be able to get two trophies by purchasing the last skill
*One survival skill is glitched, which is the training manual for increasing 1 melee, ranged, and thrown weapon. All slots are
unlocked, but the skill is grey with 1/1
Blueprints: 55/55
Mysteries: 83/83
Story Mode Trials: 134/138
Emergency Shelters: 4/4 (All upgraded)
Personal Mysteries: 22/22
Willamette Mysteries: 18/18
Vick's Cloud Uploads: 15/15
Podcasts: 12/12
Person of Interests: 16/16

Story Mode Trials that need to be completed:
Zombie Slayer X (113,548/250,000)
Create 15 combo weapons of the launcher category (3/15)
Master Combo Creator (27/51)
Willamette Sightseeing V (Discover All Locations)


Character Level: 81
PP: 1,154,753
106/120 Skills Acquired

Multiplayer trials that need to be completed:

Like a Boss III (20/25)
Like a Boss IV (20/50)
Teamwork IV (178/250 missions completed in multiplayer)
Combat Medic IV (11,795/20,000)
Speed Demon IV (39/50)
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