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[EU 5.05] Dragon Ball Fighters z 200 Challenges combos CUSA08992

Download Name: [EU 5.05] Dragon Ball Fighters z 200 Challenges combos CUSA08992  

Category: PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

File Size: 62.45 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

- Master of the snake
- Guru of extreme gravity
- heavyweights of spirit and time
- Do you want to become god of destruction? (replay arcade mode chapter at rank S)
- I'm legendary goku saiyen (play a super warrior arc fight)
- binding level 20
- binding level 40
- goodbye Buu (not tested)

combos challenges:
- 30 different combos challenges
- 100 different combos challenges
- 200 combos challenges different


untested trophies:

- 20 arena fights
- completed 7 quests
- 1000 000 zenis (not tested)
- 20,000,000 zenis (not tested)

Goku ssj blue unlocked
Vegetable ssj blue unlocked

all the objects of the shop bought
all acquired warrior cards
all the hall characters acquired.

All the characters of the story mode have a rank level of 100, make a fight with the new characters so that they gain their levels, very strong character, 3 hits kill to defeat the I.A
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